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Subscribe to Our Calendar with Outlook or Google Calendar

Subscribe to Our Charlotte REIA Calendar with Microsoft Outlook

Outlook & Google Calendar SyncYou can subscribe to our Charlotte REIA Calendar in Microsoft Outlook as an Internet Calendar Subscription that will keep your Outlook Calendar synced with our Charlotte REIA Calendar. Outlook will periodically check our Charlotte REIA Calendar for updates, and if any are found, they are downloaded to your Charlotte REIA Calendar in Outlook.

Follow these steps sync your Outlook Calendar with the Charlotte REIA Calendar:

  1. In Outlook, open your Calendar (CTRL + 2)
  2. Open this Charlotte REIA Calendar Link with Outlook. A popup may open on your computer asking you to allow Outlook to open this file. Choose YES.
  3. An Outlook popup will open and say "Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates?" Choose YES.
  4. The Charlotte REIA Calendar will download and be displayed on your Outlook Calendar upon completion.

Subscribe to Our Charlotte REIA with Google Calendar

Follow these steps sync your Google Calendar with the Charlotte REIA Calendar:

  1. In Google Calendar,at the bottom of the calendar list on the left, click the Add down-arrow button and select Add by URL.
  2. Copy (CTRL + C) this Charlotte REIA Calendar Link:
  3. Paste (CTRL + V) the Charlotte REIA Calendar Link in the field provided.
  4. Click Add Calendar. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.